Our unique process ensures THAT WE provide high- quality and timely services tailored to your needs.  

Common project types include:

  • Business agreements and financial reports
  • Legal documents, depositions and litigations
  • Company brochures and marketing materials
  • Websites, blogs and news reports
  • Manuals, technical instructions, and training materials
  • Medical reports and clinical trials  
  • Academic journal articles

We specialize in a variety of industry sectors, including:

  • Information Technology
  • Banking/Finance
  • Industrial Supply/Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Telecommunications

Case Studies



A client required translation of several hundred thousand words in documents of all types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF) related to the IT industry in less than 5 business days. We assembled our team of linguists, analyzed the documents, had them all translated and reviewed, and delivered everything by the client's deadline.


A law firm received millions of pages of documents during discovery for a large case involving a Fortune 10 company. It would have been prohibitive costly and time-consuming to translate all of the documents. We worked with the attorneys to understand the important details of the case, reviewed the documents to determine which were the most critical to translate, and even identified important pieces of evidence to help in developing the case.


The federal government is developing a machine translation tool that will be sufficiently robust to process complex documents quickly and efficiently. We worked with a team of government employees to analyze previously completed translations in order to train the machine translation tool and improve its performance.


A high school student from overseas was applying to colleges and universities in the United States. We guided the student through the application process, including a review of the application essays and provided feedback and coaching to improve those essays. The student was admitted into his top-choice university.

A university professor had a paper written in his native language which he wished to publish in an English-language journal. We conducted the necessary research and drew on our experience publishing our own work in academic journals to provide an English-language version of his manuscript which was accepted for publication.

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