Language Scholars creates meaningful communication to help our clients succeed in the global market. By speaking the world's languages, we extend our clients' impact beyond boundaries and enhance their global reach with strength, understanding, and compassion. Our expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence enables us to achieve this mission.


Language Services

We offer translation services in more than 100 languages and have translated millions of words in a wide range of fields.  (Contact us for a list of languages we offer.)  Our satisfied clients come back to us repeatedly over the years, confident that our quality is unmatched, that our communication is clear, that our prices are reasonable, and that we never miss a deadline.


We specialize in the fields of law, business, military and defense (we have security clearances through the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security), medicine, technology, and the humanities.  For additional information or to learn more, please see our FAQs.


    Consecutive, court, escort.  We are based in the Washington, DC area, although we can arrange to travel to other locations as necessary. 


    We certify our own translations and others' translations.


    We design, administer, and evaluate tests for other linguists and provide feedback to help them to improve their translation abilities.


Content Strategy

In addition to translating an existing document, we can generate new documents for you.  Our copywriters work with you to draft the English language content that is required to achieve your goal.  


Our team of published writers and scholars can edit your writing to ensure its suitability for publication.  We regularly work in conjunction with our linguists to help non-native English speakers to publish in English. 

  • college admissions

We have helped overseas college and graduate school applicants navigate the complex college admissions system in the United States.  We provide consultation to students with regard to their application package, essays, and statement of purpose, and prepare them for admission interviews. 


Graphic Design

We understand that communicating your message is not just a matter of the content of your ideas but of the presentation of those ideas. Our experience with marketing and design allows us to produce photo-ready documents, Web sites, logos, and other images to accompany your text and deliver your message convincingly in any language and any market.

  • Desktop Publishing

Our designers use a wide range of graphic design tools to generate layouts and typefaces to produce high quality, mirror-to-mirror multilingual documents.

  • corporate identity Design

In conjunction with our local business strategy partners, we can help you design your corporate identity that fits your local market. 

Overseas Business Strategy

Are you looking to create or expand a business in a new market in Asia? We can utilize our own entrepreneurial experience and training, together with our knowledge of the local language, culture, and customs, to guide you through the process.  

  • Market Entry Strategies

Our partnering consultants are located in both the U.S. and Asia to make your transition seamless.  We connect U.S.-based startups to interested Asian investors.  We are currently working with U.S.-based consulting firms to help Asian companies invest and establish companies in the United States.  


We help U.S.-based companies identify, evaluate, and engage potential sourcing opportunities.  Our consultants help establish our clients' local presence, including corporate registration, talent search, and crafting local marketing strategies.